My Creations

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yay!! - made my first sale

I made my first sale a few days ago! So exciting!

I added a lot more more items to my shop; now I have slightly less than 100 items listed!  I'm really looking forward to expanding my shop some more.  More to come: pocket mirrors, sewn items, keychains!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 Quick Facts About Me

1)      I love to create things.
2)      I’m a night owl and would love to sleep in every day (if only work allows me to!) 
3)      I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology but I would really love to take some courses on Graphic Designing.  
4)      I love all things Cute, Pink, and Sparkly.
5)      I am a computer and gaming nerd.   
6)      I have a boyfriend who spoils me. <3
7)      I love Dreamworks and Pixar movies.
8)      I’m a Hello Kitty fan.
9)      I use exclamation marks too much when I type!
10)    I’m a Leo.  They say that Leos are passionate and creative!  And I’m passionate about what I create =)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Grand Opening of My Shop! May 2010

In Nov 2009, I decided to open up an online shop on as I have been making cards and jewelries recreationally for awhile now. Over the past few months, I had spent a lot of time preparing to launch my shop, particularly on the following:
- Packing Designs
- Shop Banner/Logo
- Creating a variety of handmade items
- Designing Business Cards
- Inventory Management

My shop is finally ready now, so be sure to check it out at There you will find cute, lovable items to add a touch of bling to your life!

Grand Opening Special: First 10 customers to complete a sale at my shop will receive a FREE GIFT and a $5 credit towards their next purchase at SparklesNGlitter!!

Let me know what you think of my shop!