My Creations

Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's time to update my blog!  I've been busy moving and settling in. I have my own craft room now so I have a lot more space to work with!   I'm all settled in now and have been posting lots of new items on my shop.  I'm also back to update this blog regularly!  

I want to share my latest collection of bling blings with you:

Here is my new deco'd Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case.  It took me awhile to deco it but it's worth it!  It's very sparkly as I used Swarovski crystals.  I will be selling deco'd Blackberry and iPhone cases in the near future.  Please keep checking back and keep an eye on my store at! 

 Here is the light switch plate for my craft room.  This took me a longer time to deco as it requires gluing of individual crystals and filling in all gaps with tiny pearls and crystals..