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Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Camera!

This is my new camera (yay, it's pink!). I love it so much!  It is a Sony camera, model W350. It has14.1 megalpixels and 720p HD video function.

It has 4x optical zoom and captures details of my jewelry really well! My photos came out with much clarity.  It's got a smile detection function which I have not figured out how to use. :p I would think that it automatically takes a picture when it detects a smile, but I tried once and it did not do so.

I love how you can put it on auto mode and have it adjust the best settings for your surroundings.  It automatically changes to macro mode when I'm photographing jewelry up close which means I usually never have to touch any buttons!  Very nice point and shoot camera.  It also has the fish eye function which is fun to use with friends!  

One thing I wish this camera can do is to take closer up pictures.  It will not allow me to  focus if it's zoomed in too much.  What I do to ensure crisp, clear pictures is to take the picture from a little further away and use a photo editing program to zoom in if i wanted a close up picture of my jewelry.

I have tried using my boyfriend's SLR camera but I have not a clue how to adjust the settings!  This Sony camera is an overall nice point-and-shoot camera, very easy to use, and I would recommend it to others who just want to take quick, decent photos with minimal or no adjustments needed on a photo-editing program.  This meets most of my needs and I'm very happy with my purchase!

I found out that this camera comes in a different version which just got released in April 2010! It has rhinestones on them and comes in pearl white and light pink.  So pretty and so bling-bling!  I believe it's only being sold in Japan at the moment at around US$300 ($100 more expensive than the North American version)!  You can find these on Ebay or from other international sellers at inflated prices if you live outside of Japan =p.