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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What has SparklesNGlitter been up to??

I apologize for the late post!  I've been busy with many things lately - Christmas, my new website which I'm launching in mid January, making new products, preparing wholesale and Etsy orders, and preparing a SparklesNGlitter x PuriCute giveaway which is coming up next month!  All of which I'm very excited about. 

Asides from that, I work full time so it's difficult for me to keep up with blogging, twittering, and facebooking at this time.  But I will try my best!

I did get a 4 day weekend during Christmas time which I managed to make quite a few different products.  I've focused on making glossy plastic ear studs.  I'm showing you a few of my newest creations (I'll show you the rest later! ;).  I've only posted the ketchup & mustard ones in my shop so far.  I'm hoping to have time to post up the other ones in the next couple of days!

I also wanted to show you the 10lb+ turkey I cooked on Christmas day (slowly roasted with love for 7 hours!)  which i got to share with my loved ones.  ^___^

Monday, December 20, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello Kitty Beauty Collection

Hello Kitty Beauty Collection, exclusively at Sephora! Sooooooooo adorable!  I want!  

I received an email from Sephora informing me about a private shopping event, exclusive online-only preview, just for Beauty Insiders. This event starts today and ends tomorrow at 11.59pm PST. Go check it out now!  I'm including pictures of some of the amazingly cute HK beauty products below for those of you who are not Beauty Insiders.

Hello Kitty Beauty Collection will officially launch in all stores and online in mid January.   How exciting! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Customers' Reviews

A couple of my lovely customers did a review on my products on their website/blog, and some had sent me pictures of them wearing my creations!  How sweet!  It makes my day to know that they love wearing them! ^___^

:::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥

Linda, aka Beauty Treat, did a review on the peas-in-a-pod necklace on her website!  Check it out here! She's a total beauty and a sweetheart, check out her makeup tutes while you're at it!
:::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥

The lovely Eva wearing one of my best-sellers - Happy Cloud Earrings!  She's too cute!  And I just love her Totoro Tshirt.  Her mom, Courtney, (who is super sweet by the way!), is the designer and metalsmith of My Sunset Road.  Some of her lovely earrings were worn by actresses on Grey's Anatomy! 
:::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥
Another sweet customer, Janna, posing here with one of my newest items - Hello Kitty inspired hair clip! She did a review on her blog.  Check it out!
:::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥

A sweetheart (all my customers seem so sweet!) wearing the glitter speckled pink bear necklace!  ^___^
:::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ :::::: ♥ ::::::

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cutest Frying Pan

I would cook very delicately (that sounds weird) if I had a frying pan this cute!  What an interesting shape too for a frying pan! You will be able to make rectangular eggs which are apparently "perfect for insertion into sandwiches that utilize square-shaped bread". ;)

They are available for $28.90 each at NCSX

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sanrio Winter Wallpaper

Get into the Christmas spirit and make your desktop festive with these super cute winter wallpapers on KittyRulez

Left click on these pictures to enlarge, then right click & "set as wallpaper".

Friday, December 10, 2010

Banana!! Bapple!!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Thought I'd end the week with something super cute and fun!  This Despicable Me mini video was shown to me by my boyfriend.  We missed the movie in the theatres but we're waiting patiently for it to come out on DVD!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cupcakes Part I - Kawaii Fondant

I'm doing a tribute to my love for cupcakes! This is part I.  ^___^
These are definitely one of the cutest ones I've seen!





Monday, December 6, 2010

Wedding Cake Toppers

These are super cute!  I would totally order these for my wedding when I get married!  They run from $50-$350 depending on the design.  I've included some of my favourites here.  You can check out their other designs at Kikuike.

Kikuike is composed of 3 professional sculptors who I believe use some sort of lightweight clay to create these toppers so that they won't weigh the cake down.