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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cup Noodle Humidifier

I've always loved cup noodles, especially in the winter time.  It's been a life and time saver throughout my university life!  Check out this super cool and realistic cup noodle USB humidifier.  Just pour hot water in it and it lets off mist at the opening as if you're really preparing a cup noodle! 

This humidifier uses the Ultra Sonic Sound technology which turns water into mist by tiny vibration which basically means that you won't burn your hands!  It also comes with UV germicidal light which kills germs inside before it turns into mist!  How advance is that?

It's US$70 at Strapya World but it would make a great present!
I'm always amazed at the products and technology the Japanese come up with.  My next travel destination will have to be Japan!!! Sayonara for now!  ^____^


  1. I hope it doesn't smell like cup of noodles!! That would get icky after awhile!

  2. Haha, that would be interesting! You would probably smell like cup noodles at the end of the day!