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Friday, October 29, 2010

Barbie Beauty Review

While I was in Hong Kong,  I stumbled upon a Barbie Beauty Counter at a beauty shop called "Facesss" at Harbour City.  The beauty line includes skincare and makeup products. The counter even offers manicures, pedicures, and gel nail services!!

I purchased the Three-Minutes Milk Mask from the Barbie Plastic Smooth Line, the Fruity Body Lotions from the Barbie Fruity Collection, and received a free Eye Glitter from the All Doll'd Up Makeup Line which I am all doing a review on.  

Fruity Body Lotion Review:
The Barbie Fruity Body Lotion comes in a package of 3 in the following scents: Bergamot, Strawberry Pomegranate, and Melon Ginger - all of which smell very delicious and not overpowering . The body lotion is quite dense compared to others but glides on smoothly and is not sticky at all.  It makes my skin soooo smooth, I love it so much!  I would definitely recommend this to others and will buy again the next time I go to Hong Kong.  I believe this is sold exclusively in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  =(

Three-Minutes Milk Mask Review:
This milk mask comes in the cutest bottle!! I gotta admit I'm a sucker for pretty packaging!  It's a small bottle but hopefully it'll last me awhile!  The mask has natural whitening formula which contains Vitamin C and Aloe Extract, and is supposed to instantly whitens skin (which is supposed to even out skin tone and make your complexion appear brighter). It comes out in mousse form and you're supposed to pat it over all your face and leave it on for 3 minutes.  I only used it once so far.  I did not see whitening results although my boyfriend did.  I'll have to use it for a couple of weeks to see if there are any improvements.  I'll keep you guys updated! 

Eye Glitter Review:

This Eye Glitter is so pretty and glittery! I do feel All Doll'd Up after I put it on ;). I love the pop of glitter, but then again, I love everything glittery and sparkly! I picked up the shade called "Fabulous", which is a bronzy color with goldish specks. It's a creamy eyeshadow and can be worn as a base or as eyeshadow alone.  It glides on smoothly and stays on all day.  Recommend this one too!

Gotta Hand It To Her Hand Lotion Review:
This hand lotion is a Barbie product by Cake. I purchased this from Sephora awhile back.  It is so great!  It smells like freshly baked cupcakes!  I always have this one in my purse.  Not sure if this one is for everybody since it smells really sweet.  I love it though! This hand lotion is not sticky and is very moisturizing.  I would buy again!

Stay tuned for more reviews on my other new beauty products that I purchased from Hong Kong and Korea!!  ^___^

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