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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SparklesNGlitter is on vacation!!


I'm currently on vacation in sunny Hong Kong and enjoying every bit of it!  I've been here for a week already and have already seen lots of cute and cool/funky things! I will update as much as I can but most of my time here is spent outside  ^___^.   My shop is still open and items will be mailed out every Monday and Thursdays in the mean time.

It was very hot and humid the first few days I arrived in Hong Kong.  Last time I checked, it was 30 degrees! It feels like summer. I love it because our summer in Canada was very short-lived.   It cooled down a bit and started raining the last couple of days.

One of my first shopping stops is a mall called APM.  Below are some cute things I found in the shops there (click to enlarge):

Florist Shop with Hello Kitty Plants


And of course, before I log off, I have to show you some of my recent purchases ;)

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